Adult reviews about our Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books

"Just purchase Volume 6-- love these books!! Thanks for coming up with an adult challenge to a child's puzzle!!!"
- Jean, Internet

"I am almost done with Book 6 of The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Super Challenge by David Kalvitis. This, by far, is the best book he has ever produced. Very challenging puzzles and a lot of variety."
- Maureen, Apache Junction, AZ

"I am writing in regards to your Dot-to-Dot books. I absolutley love them! You do such a fantastic job in creating them. I like how you don't know what the picture is till you're done. Also, I like that fact that you don't always use numbers to follow the dots. I find the arrows difficult, but I like the challenge. Also, I like the symbols, directions, and all your other ways to follow the dots. You are very gifted in designing them. They are very unique and different. Keep up the fantastic work."
- Jane, Brandon, FL

"Recently I bought two of your dot-to-dot books and I cannot tell you how much I enjoy doing them. I'm a puzzle lover. I believe puzzles keep the brain quick. I've shown your book to some of my acquaintances who agree that they're cool and challenging so I need extra order forms. I'm going to need one for myself as well... I'm hooked! I did the compass puzzle - WOW! That's what I've got to say about it. You've got a faithful customer right here and I plan on owning every book you create!"
- Lisa, Palm Beach, FL

"Thank you as always for your prompt service. We enjoy your books so much as they help to keep me on my game. I suffered a seizure that resulted in the loss of some cognative skills & the dot-to-dots challange me with out appearing too childdish. I have probably ordered the books 2 or 3 times each, but they are so different I don't notice that I have done them before. I hope that others with an affliction such as mine will discover these books as a vehicle to help aid in recovery. Thank you again!"
- Joann, Pensacola, FL

"These dot to dot books are the best. Nothing like the ones that we grew up with. They are very addicting! Great stress reliever!"
- Amazon Reviewer: L. M. Clark (Canandaigua, NY)

"This truly is the best set of dot-to-dot books ever. Don't stop at Book 1. There are more out there by David Kalvitis. We bought them for our 10 year old at Christmas and it became family fun for all of us. I e-mailed the author directly and asked him for more. Luckily for all of us there are more coming. Don't miss out on this fun stuff."
- Amazon Reviewer: T. Kocher (Colorado Springs)

"I enjoy your dots. Is it possible to get your books from Spain?"
- R.Cubero, Spain

"Denmark calling. I have found your dot-books on the internet and would like to buy number 3 and 4. Is it possible? and how can I order it?"
- Vera, Denmark

"We just bought Vol. 2 travel size for our spring vacation! My son who did these when he was 4 is now 8. Keep those books coming! A Satisfied Customer!"
- Margaret, Internet

"I was thrilled to see the coverage of you and your dot-to-dot books in the Daily Messenger today. I bought all of your books at Christmastime and gave several as gifts to my adult sons. I kept a few for myself and enjoy sitting down to relax once in a while to see what will emerge from the page."
- Kay, Naples, NY

"A member of our household is hooked on dot-to-dot puzzles."
- Dawn, Fowlerville, MI

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for your dot-to-dot books. I work on 2 to 4 pages of your book a night. It helps just to get my mind on other things not my troubles. Your books really lets me relax. Thank you very much."
- Mary, Hendersonville, NC

"I just finished Books 1, 2, 3, 4 of The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books in the World, and I had so much fun doing them."
- Jeanette, Endwell, NY

"I loved books 3-4 but was disappointed when I was done. Please make more for us adults that need to soothe our nerves and enhance our brain function."
- Marijane, Internet

"...Our 12 year old son has really enjoyed doing Books 1 & 2 that we got him for Christmas and he did not put them down until he finished them. PLEASE HELP! ...Would you please e-mail us an order form?"
- Mr & Mrs Smith, United Kingdom

"Purchased your World's Greatest books Vol. I-IV for my 10 year old son for Christmas. Oh, my gosh, we can't get enough!! We need more books. Don't stop now. The whole family is doing them and we're having so much fun. You're awesome."

"In the meantime, I'll order the Newspaper books. That should keep us occupied until next week (ha)."
- Teale, Colorado Springs, CO

"I have completed all 6 of your books. When will new ones be coming out? I am HOOKED!!!"
- Pam, Internet

"By the way, these are the best dot to dots we've ever seen; keep up the good work!"
- Kathy, New York, NY

"I just love these Dot-to-Dot books. I have already completed the fourth volume, and wish there were more. I went on a bus trip not that long ago, and took one with me. People were oohing and awing at the pictures being brought to life."
- Denise, Northampton, MA

"I am writing to say I love your books and really appreciate the work you're doing! ...I'm inspired by the skill with which you make a bunch of dots turn into something beautiful!"
- Robert, Internet

"Absolutely love your Dot-to-Dot books!!!! As an adult, it has been great finding these books. I have ordered Vol. 2 and the Greatest Dot-to-Dot Book 4 and received them quite quickly, thank you. I can hardly wait for further volumes of both books."
- Karen, Internet

"You have a great and fun product."
- Carole, Internet

"Dot-to-dot has always been fun, but your dot-to-dot puzzles are the best I have ever done. They are superb! You cannot tell what will come up until sometimes towards about halfway through - then voila! A work of art emerges! You are truly an atrist - I thank you for the delightful times I had working your dot-to-dots."
- Nancy, Lock Haven, PA

"The Newspaper Dot-to-Dot books are wonderful."
- Heather, Williamsburg, KY

"Your books are AWESOME!"

"I don't know how difficult or complex they are for you to create, but they're very enjoyable to 'solve'. Thanks!"
- Amy, Altadena, CA

"Your books are bringing these hands such pleasure! Keeps them out of the food, if you get my drift. :-) I am new to your books so still have many puzzles and hours of fun awaiting me. I will buy the book with the newspaper dot-to-dots in it when it becomes available as I have only printed a few of them off your site. I look forward to this additional publication. I hope you know how much fun your puzzles are bringing me. FYI, I am 54 years old. I assume the dot-to-dot puzzles are labor intensive but I hope you are able to keep the new puzzles coming. :-) I love to take a black pen and a 6" ruler to the puzzles. Makes me feel 'artistic' and I love the crispness of the finished puzzle."

"Thanks again for sharing your talent with everyone."
- Barb, Concord, CA

"I've gone thru all 4 of the books. Your designs are brilliant! I believe I can safely say I lost weight because of them. I'd rather do the books than eat! Again brillant idea."
- Irene, Factoryville, PA

"We are big fans of your books. They are wonderful!"
- Lin, Newton, MA

"I discovered the World's Greatest Dot-to-Dot Puzzles in a Games Magazine. It took about three minutes to get hooked! I found the website and downloaded everything I could get. What a treat! The complexity and artistry of these puzzles make them fun to complete and a joy to behold when finished. It is especially fun to try to guess what the picture will be as I begin, and then to be totally blown away when I find out how wrong I was. I now have all four of the available books and am hungrily looking for more. In the meantime, I check the website for the weekly puzzle, and I've been telling my friends about these treasures that I have found. Thank you, David, for sharing a great talent with the world!"
- Julie, Brunswick, Ohio

"I'm looking forward to the next Volumes of Dot to Dot books. I received Voumes 1 to 4 from my husband as a Christmas present. I've always enjoyed Dot-to-Dots, and am so happy that you produced some for us 'big kids'."
- Sherry, Emmaus, PA

"For years I've been looking for dot-to-dot books that weren't the typical ones made for children. Recently I purchased one of your books and I was hooked. It's so great to be surprised to see what the finished picture is. Please keep new books coming."
- Heather, Warren, OH

"For years I've been looking for dot-to-dot books that weren't the typical ones made for children. Recently I purchased one of your books and I was hooked. It's so great to be surprised to see what the finished picture is. Please keep new books coming."
- Heather, Warren, OH

"Thank you so much for these Dot-to-Dot books. They are fun, challenging, applied to all ages, can travel anywhere AND... they are almost impossible to put down. I want to be the first in line for your next book. I am so glad I discovered you by accident!"
- Cora, Oroville, CA

"I want you to know I really enjoy your books. Hope Vol. 5 is in the works!"
- Ann, Hickory, KY

"This series of dot-to-dot books are wonderful. As a child, I loved games and challenges. Dot-to-dots and mazes were my favorites. I had no idea these books even existed until I saw them in a Bits and Pieces catalog several weeks ago. I looked them up on Amazon and found there were four books. I ordered all four books from Amazon even though I thought I would probably be disappointed if they were too simple. Even as an adult, I still work dot-to-dots when I find them in magazines and newspapers, so I figured I had nothing to lose even if these books were for children. I'm in the baby-boomer generation, so I confess I like to revisit my childhood era occasionally."

"Boy, was I surprised! When they came in the mail, I sat up until 5 a.m. the next morning working some of the puzzles. I am retired with 30 years in my local school system, so it wasn't like I had to get up early. After I would complete one puzzle, I would think I'll just do one more. Then another. Then another. I tried all the different types of puzzles. I am so excited and I wanted your customers to know how much I enjoyed them."

"Even my 76 year old mother enjoyed working the puzzles. Like me, she was very skeptical about ordering sight unseen."

"I hope to see future publications of new books. I look forward to seeing Books 5, 6, 7, etc. real soon."
- Debbie, Douglasville, GA

"I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your Dot-to-Dot Books. There just aren't enough of them."
- Janet, Kalama, WA

"I just want to thank you for adding a bit of enjoyment to a lot of peoples lives."
- Ann, Berkeley, CA

"I love your puzzles."
- Jeanette, Delaware

"I found my first Dot to Dot in the GAMES magazine. Boy, was I hooked!!! As a kid I loved doing Dot to Dot books. I'm so happy that I came across that puzzle. I went to his web address and downloaded the samples there, I made several copies to do until my three Dot to Dot books that I ordered come in the mail. I highly recommend these books to everyone. I can't wait until Book 4 comes out. Mr. Kalvitis, keep up the good work."
- Anita, Lodi, CA

"These Dot-to-Dots blow my mind. I never know what they'll turn out to be. They're just wonderful."
- Marie, Mt. Airy, NC

"I really appreciated the fact that you number higher than most dot-to-dot books and that you have some interesting variations such as the 'Sets', 'Field of Dots', 'Stars', and 'Odd/Even'. These variations make your pages more challenging and reinforce math skills, and, as a teacher, I really appreciate that."
- Donna, Denver Christian Schools, Denver, CO

"Dear Creators of Superb Dot-to-Dot books, My son is eating up your books! And he's only 4 1/2! He has learned to count way past 100, all because he enjoys doing your dot-to-dots so much! Thanks for a job well done."
- Margaret, Mom, Richmond, VA

"Oh my God, this is great!"
- Karen, Mounds View, MN

"My son loved the second book as much as the first, and complained bitterly that the third one was not available then. He 'rationed' the second book, allowing himself only one per day, to make it last longer. So he'll be happy to know the third book is out!"
- Rebecca, Mom, Henrietta, NY

"My 5 year old daughter received your dot-to-dot books as a Christmas present and has been glued to them ever since. Rachel has always enjoyed dot-to-dots but your books provided a super challenge for her. Rachel could easily count to 100 but wasn't familiar with the actual written numerals. Your books has helped her to learn the written numbers well into hundreds!! Rachel is miles ahead of her kindergarten class in counting and numbers. I would DIRECTLY attribute her success to your dot-to-dot books. Rachel also learned the concept of even and odd numbers... something her school class hasn't even begun. Rachel loves to try and guess the pictures as she goes along. Rachel is very excited that a third book is coming along because she is almost half way through book # 2. Keep your great puzzle books coming!!" PS. "We have already downloaded the samples at the web site!!!"
- Susan, Mom, Westfield, MA

"Connect the dots? Nah, that's just kid stuff. But, I don't remember such long lines, or dots going up to and past 100. And, not knowing what the picture is going to be kind of adds to the mystery and the fun of it. Nope, the way you do connect the dots, it's not just for kids, but fun for adults too."
- Scott, age 43

"My son received 2 of your "Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books". They were great. Would like to know how I can order some more?"
- Mrs. Fredrick, Dyer, IN

"I originally bought this book for my son to practice his eye-hand coordination but immediately fell in love with it myself!"

"Adults and children alike will LOVE this book. It's neat when the pictures magically appear before your eyes. I find the "grid" dot-to-dot puzzles very challenging! This book would make a great gift for just about anybody."

"My son loves the book because you can't tell what the picture will be until you have them finished. The puzzles have helped tremendously with his eye-hand coordination. I'm going to look for book #2 as soon as possible!"
- Mom, Nashville, NC

"I have 2 of your "Dot-to-Dot" books 1 and 2 and would like more of these books... I am confined at home on oxygen 24 hours daily and these books are just great for me to keep my mind working and my hands busy... I would like to say I'll buy a bushel; those dot to dot books were just great."
- Mary, Lincoln Park, MI

"I just finished working the puzzles from books 1 and 2 which I thoroughly enjoyed. By the way, I used to do these kind of puzzles when I was a kid. As an adult, the harder, more complicated they are, the more I like them. I like not knowing what I will see until it is almost finished. Are you coming out with any more books?"
- Annette, Niles, IL

"I was delighted to see your two collections of dot-to-dots last night in Barnes & Noble, and bought both of them. I love dot-to-dots, but mostly they're done only for young children (when you can find them at all) and are of no interest to me then. The puzzles are Great. Intelligent, honest, inventive, and not kitschy. Let me know when another collection is coming out!"
- Ceil, Editor, Rochester, NY

"I had been searching book stores and toy stores for months before finding Book 1 in a puzzle catalog, I then contacted the author to find out how to buy Book 2. Upon receipt of The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Book in the World Book 2, I immediately turned to a new type of puzzle called Crazy Dots on page 31. It was quite interesting and puzzling. It took many pencil strokes before I was able to see what the finished image might be. I love both books as I am an avid game and puzzle fan. I particularly like the unusual puzzles like Crazy Dots, No Dots and Field of Dots. I'm much older than the target audience for these books, but I do enjoy them anyway. I was afraid these types of books no longer existed, so I was thrilled to find Mr. Kalvitis' books. I will look forward to Book 3 and so on."
- Sandra, Covina, CA

"Gee-whiz, a Dot-to-Dot Book that goes beyond '10'. What a brilliant and clever idea. I just finished Book 1, and can't wait til book 2 arrives. I used colored pencils which added a little something different. I am having a ball going from 1 to sometimes 200 plus and wondering what the picture will be. Fun, relaxing for a senior citizen."
- Jean, Senior Citizen, Washington C.H., OH

"Way cool! Absolutely loved not knowing what the final picture would be when starting it. My kids and I tried to guess looking at the field of dots on each page what it would be and mostly got it completely wrong. It was funny comparing the final picture with our guesses! A wonderful diversion for all ages - left me looking for additional issues!"
- Scientist, age 35

"I bought my son (age 12) your book, The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Book in the World - Book 1 for Christmas. He thoroughly enjoyed the puzzles but unfortunately he is already done! I would love to order more books of this type."
- Wendy, Mom

"This is the best dot-to-dot book I have ever seen!"

"The images are impressive, and the book is entertaining for all ages. I find I must ration myself to one or two puzzles a day -- I could easily take the time to complete the book in one sitting. Your tip about the "fat" markers was great; I grabbed my son's Crayola markers and enjoy looking at the completed pictures almost as much as doing them."

"One of the neatest things about the book is that I usually have no idea what the picture will be. It's like opening a present on every page."
- Laurie, Mom, age 31

"It really is the "greatest" of it's kind."

"This isn't like the dot-to-dot books I had as a kid. Like many others, I did them until I felt I had outgrown dot-to-dots. It wasn't until I saw these puzzles that I realized it wasn't dot-to-dots I had outgrown. It was the existing dot-to-dot books out there. This book, however, takes these simple puzzles to a new level."

"This book presents dot-to-dots in a fun way, and more importantly, leaves you until the last few pen strokes before you're able to identify the incredibly detailed drawings."

"Highly recommended for kids and adults."
- Larry, Entertainer, age 29

In 2000, Monkeying Around started a dot-to-dot revolution, producing award-winning dot-to-dot puzzles. Author/artist, David Kalvitis, has been dedicated to creating the most amazingly complex and artistic dot-to-dot puzzles to ever hit the market. These dot-to-dot puzzles aren't just for little kids and here's why: The final image cannot be determined until completion of the puzzle; puzzles can number in the thousands; and there are 17 different ways of completing these dot-to-dot puzzles. David Kalvitis's puzzles challenge children and adults of all ages, are an incredible learning tool, and are a fantastic way to relieve stress. With nearly 1 million Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books sold worldwide, Monkeying Around and David Kalvitis continue to strive to make connecting and coloring dot-to-dots a wonderfully enjoyable and relaxing experience. To join the revolution please call (800) 553-4300 or visit us online at .

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